Pay upfront memberships


First Choice Fitness proudly complies with the office of Fair Trading (Code of Practice – Fitness Industry) regulation 2003, and would like to make you aware of some of the important points of information.

 A copy of the code is kept on premises and can be viewed at any time.

Object of the Code

  • Ensure appropriate standards of trading are maintained in the fitness industry
  • Promote client confidence in the fitness industry
  • Ensure fitness services are supplied to clients in an ethical and professional way

Total cost of membership
The total cost of membership will be displayed either on the website (if joining online) or on the club membership form (if joining at the centre) and is paid upfront in one installment.

Cooling Off Period
When a client enters into an agreement there is a 48 hour cooling off period, where the client can terminate the agreement in writing. Please note that in accordance with the code of practice, First Choice Fitness may charge a fee for any fitness service supplied to the client before the agreement was terminated ($25.00 for a program, and $16.00 for each casual visit), as well as an administration fee (the lesser of $75.00 or 10% of the membership fee). After these 48 hours, the agreement stands and should you wish to terminate the agreement after this time, an early termination fee of $250.00 (maximum) applies.

Renewal Procedure
We will write to you at least 2 weeks before your renewal date to outline your options for renewal. If we do not hear from you or you do not renew before your renewal date then your membership will be deactivated and your door access card will no longer allow you access. Please ensure to keep your contact details up to date.

Transfers are for members who do not want to continue their membership and have another person willing to take over all aspects of the membership. Transfers incur an administration fee of $27.50. Memberships cannot be transferred to existing members of First Choice Fitness unless they are a close relative of the person transferring the membership (same household). Only the remaining time left on the membership will be transferred regardless of whether the original member has used the facility.

Members who have paid upfront do not have to lose time on their membership when they go on holiday. They can “buy back” the weeks they are away for the rate of $5 per week. There is a limit of 6 weeks for membership suspension on upfront memberships.

Cancellation due to sickness or incapacity
A client may terminate a membership agreement with a supplier if the client cannot use a fitness service due to the client’s permanent sickness or physical incapacity. The client must give the supplier written notice of the termination and a medical certificate stating that the client cannot use the fitness service due to the client’s permanent sickness or physical incapacity. The client is entitled to be refunded a portion of the membership representing the unused part of the agreement less:

  • Any unpaid fitness services or outstanding membership fees
  • An administration fee (the lesser of $75 or 10% of the membership fee.)

Disclosure of ALL Fees
First Choice Fitness complies with the demand of the code of practice to provide written agreements signed by both the client and a representative of the company. Members are taken step by step through this information upon joining and also given a duplicate of each agreement. First Choice Fitness limits upfront fees payable to a maximum of one year of membership at any one time. Please retain your copies for future reference.

Membership door access cards
Upon joining you will be charged $29 for a membership door access card. This card is for your personal use only and should not be shared or lent to anyone else, even if they are a member. If the card is lost you will have to purchase another one for $29 to continue your membership. When using the card to enter or exit the premises you should not hold the door open for anyone else, regardless of whether they are a member. Our fitness centres are monitored with CCTV and anyone found purposely breaching our membership terms and conditions and/or club etiquette faces having their membership terminated without refund.

Injuries/special conditions
All members are encouraged to undertake a complimentary initial consultation with a First Choice Fitness trainer, where all medical conditions/injuries will be discussed to set up an appropriate exercise program. Any client who wishes to opt out of the consultation will agree to assess their own fitness level, ability to exercise and risk to their health by participating in a fitness service at our centre. If you believe that there is a risk to your health by participating in a fitness service at any of our centres, you must inform us in writing about the risk.

Trading/staffed hours
Our trading hours and staffed hours are advertised on our website. First Choice Fitness retains the right to change the hours at anytime and without notice.

Group Fitness Classes
Any advertised group fitness classes are provided free of charge to members of First Choice Fitness. Please check the website for an up to date copy of the group fitness timetable. Group fitness classes are provided subject to instructor availability. We will do our upmost to communicate any changes to the group fitness timetable with as much notice as possible, however we retain the right to change the group fitness timetable at anytime and without notice.