First Choice Fitness gym rules


We want you to enjoy your workout experience here at First Choice Fitness and for that reason it is necessary for us to impose a few “common sense” terms and conditions. Our fitness centres are monitored by CCTV 24 hours and anyone found to be ignoring these rules may have their membership terminated without refund.

  • Gym membership at First Choice Fitness is provided for the purpose of maintaining health and fitness goals only. The premises should not be used for any other purpose without authorisation from management.
  • All visitors must use a towel for the entire duration of their workout. Towels can be purchased from reception for $2
  • All free weights and equipment should be returned to their storage racks after being used.
  • Neither aggressive or unsociable behaviour, nor foul language will be tolerated.
  • Memberships are to be used only by the owner of the gym membership account. Cards are not to be lent or shared with other persons. Any members found to be bringing in a non-member without authorisation will be fined $250 and their membership will be terminated.
  • Please note there is a time limit on cardio machines of 20 minutes during busy periods. If there are no other cardio machines available of the type that you are using, you should not exceed this time limit.
  • Please do not intimidate other members to finish using a piece of exercise equipment by asking if you can “use the machine between sets”. Politely ask how many sets they have remaining, and then wait your turn.
  • All sweat is to be cleaned off machines after use. Spray bottles and towels are provided for this purpose.
  • Personal training sessions are to be conducted by authorised First Choice Fitness trainers only.