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Foam rolling is a form of self – myofacial release that gets rid of adhesions in your muscles and connective tissue. These adhesions can create points of weakness or susceptibility in the muscle tissue. If the muscle isn’t contracting uniformly from end to end it can lead to injury and pain. Foam rolling also increasesRead more

30 day plank challenge

Starting on August 1st! In August we are running a 30 day plank challenge across all three of our gyms. If you have never heard of it before, the 30 day plank challenge is a way to improve your plank ability by gradually increasing the length of time you can hold the plank position for.Read more

Burleigh Christmas Staff hours

Date Time Date Time Tuesday 24th 7am – 12pm Sunday 29th Normal staff hours Wednesday 25th  No staff hours Monday 30th Normal staff hours Thursday 26th                        No staff hours Tuesday 31st 7am – 12pm Friday 27th       Normal staff hours Wednesday 1st   No staff hours            Saturday 28th Normal staff hours Thursday 2nd        NormalRead more

If you fail to plan – you plan to fail!

Plan and prep, plan and prep – that is any fitness enthusiasts motto! Look in any personal trainers lunch bag and you will see tupperware containers of pre-packed meals, along with protein shakes and small snacks to keep them going throughout the day and stave of any hunger pangs. Personally, I feel that is isRead more

First Choice Fitness goes 24 hour!

Now you can work out at anytime of day, public holidays and even after your Christmas lunch! We have installed high definition CCTV cameras, emergency buttons and a swipe card entry system. The gym will still be attended by our friendly and knowledgeable staff during peak hours, when you need us and there will beRead more