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Green Breakfast Eggs & Balsamic Mushrooms

Green Breakfast Eggs & Balsamic Mushrooms Ingredients 1 cup of sliced mushrooms 2 organic free range eggs 2 portions of frozen spinach thawed ¼ cup of coconut milk 1 Tablespoon balsamic vinegar Pinch of dried mixed herbs Salt and pepper to season Coconut oil for cooking Directions 1. In a hot pan sauté off theRead more

Coconut Chocolate Mousse

Coconut Chocolate Mousse Calling all coconut and chocolate lovers! Ingredients 270ml can of coconut cream 2 Atkins sugar free chocolate bars 2 egg whites Flaked almonds (for garnish) Serves 2 Directions On a low heat, combine the coconut cream and chocolate bars in a pot and gently melt until combined. Put this mixture aside toRead more

Green Smoothies

If you want to increase the amount of greens into your diet, but don’t particularly like the taste of them, then adding them to your morning smoothie is a great solution! And if you don’t yet know why we should all be getting more greens into our diet here is a bit of the science-yRead more

Staffed hours over Xmas

Please click the link below to view the staffed hours over the Christmas and New Year holidays: Staff hours over Xmas

Burleigh Christmas Staff hours

Date Time Date Time Tuesday 24th 7am – 12pm Sunday 29th Normal staff hours Wednesday 25th  No staff hours Monday 30th Normal staff hours Thursday 26th                        No staff hours Tuesday 31st 7am – 12pm Friday 27th       Normal staff hours Wednesday 1st   No staff hours            Saturday 28th Normal staff hours Thursday 2nd        NormalRead more